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About Defy Ordinary

It took me 28 years to realize that I’m just an observer of my own life. After changing everything that made me throw away my life I started Defy Ordinary to give others the help I wanted back then.

The name Defy Ordinary holds true. My life was ordinary and I thought it is not so bad. Sure there were things I wanted to do, but ‘there is always time’, is what I told myself. But life passes by faster than one might think, and you have to take control over it before it’s too late. Defy what people expect. Defy Ordinary is here to lay out the way, you only have to follow.

The Logo

Defy Ordinary Logo

Like Defy Ordinary, the logo also has three pillars it’s built upon.
It looks simple but has a hidden meaning just like the advice you’ll find here. It is made out of the stylized letters D & O. Representing Defy Ordinary but also the action of doing. And the last one is it’s resemblance to a lemniscate; the infinity symbol, representing that there is no limit to what you can achieve if you just commit.

Defy Your Way of Thinking

Willpower can overcome every obstacle.

Defy Ordinary Milky Way One
Defy Ordinary Milky Way Two

To give others a head start in pursuing their dreams. I learned from trial and error and want now to share my knowledge. There is no benefit for me in keeping other people from reaching their potential.

Even when things get hard you have to persevere. There is no turning back once you realized that there is so much more for you in life, than what you have right now. You need to scratch that itch and go on fighting until you are happy.

The three pillars of health, finances, and happiness are the bedrock of Defy Ordinary and show a path you can take to make your life better. I looked for the strategies with the highest ROI and you can access them now as well.

With the blog, the books, the school (soon) and the coaching you have four ways of getting your information. You can pick and choose or take in all that Defy Ordinary has to offer. The choice is up to you.

Defy Ordinary shows you the way to the pinnacle of business success but you can go as far as you want. Your goals are the limit and depending on your personal dreams you decide yourself when you reached the finishing line.

This is no elite program. It is attainable for everyone and all it will take is a change in your thinking. Once you set your goal and you know what to do there is no holding back or you will always ask yourself “what if?”.

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Increase productivity and learn how to build good Habits for FREE


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Get your 2 FREE eBooks now

Before you leave:

Get your 2 FREE eBooks now


Download the 2 FREE eBooks Habit Mastery and Ultimate Productivity.

Productivity is the start of everything and building habits might be the most important skill you can ever learn.

Thank you for subscribing to defyordinary.net