20 Easy Ways To Bring More Visitors to your Website

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20 Easy Ways To Bring More Visitors to your Website

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To bring more visitors to your website should be a priority as it is one of your digital assets online. While social media engagement is important, you are doing it under ‘rented’ platforms as you do not own the social media platform. Your website is like your home online (your digital real estate) and you should apply effective techniques to bring your current and potential customers to it.

It is also important to distinguish between good and bad traffic. Bad traffic to your website is when people do not like your site and leave immediately. This also includes those who give you the benefit of the doubt and linger for a few seconds, but then leave forever, never visiting your site again.

Good traffic to your website will be those people that feel impressed by your website design, and they stick around to read your material and sign up for your content through email. Look for the statistic average time spent on the website to learn more if you are getting good or bad traffic. The longer time they spend on your website, the better.

Here are twenty effective strategies to bring more visitors to your website.

  1. Great content

The internet landscape is full of content. With more great content being made each day, it is getting harder and harder to stand out with content. However, the truth remains that your content on your website must be useful, relevant and timely for your readers. Always have visuals accompany your posts so that it gives the readers something to connect to and at the same time it makes reading your post a much more pleasant experience.

So do your best to make great content. Remember that content can come in different ways aside from words. So think about inserting professionally made visuals and videos as content for your website. Infographics are still useful, and great pieces of content like Ebook, whitepapers, and case studies for download are good reasons why people will continue to visit your website. Give your best work away for free!

  1. Optimize your website’s speed

One of the pet peeves of everyone browsing the internet is slow-loading pages. If you do not have the time or expertise to manage your website, get a website manager to optimize your website and its different pages so that everything is fast. Anything less than fast and you will find your readers closing the tab for your site. A speedy site can help build trust with your visitors. Have your website manager optimize the code of your website so that there are errors or broken links.

  1. Consider podcasts, your video show, and do interviews

Podcasts and interviews are on the rage. So consider hosting your podcast interviews on your site so that there will be regular content on your site that your readers/listeners can look forward to.

Figure out whom you think your readers would love to hear from. Find people well known in their niche to interview for your podcast. This strategy is very useful because it makes your website a trusted source of information for your niche, so they will gladly go back to your site regularly.

Make your podcast and video show exciting. Get excited for each one. It is really as if you are having your show and having a solid amount of audience for your content. Tap expert freelancers on videos and podcast to help you produce high-quality materials and content.

  1. Do guest posts to bring more visitors to your website

Guest posting remains an effective tool to get more visitors to your website. Make your guest posts epic and carefully catered to the audience of the site of where you are doing your guest post. Put a couple of website links in your author profile to ensure that readers will know where to find you online.

  1. Be active on social media

Promote your posts and website content on different social media platforms where your audience hangs out. Optimize it to the specific social media platform. For example, in Instagram, hashtags are critical. Brand your visual content posted on social media. Make sure it highlights your logo as well as your website link. This will surely bring some visitors to your website regularly.

Of course, don’t just promote your content on your social media platforms. Curate great content from related sites as well. Use a 3:1 ratio. For every three pieces of good content from other sites you promote on your platforms, promote one of your posts.

promote on social media to bring more visitors to your website

  1. Create subscriber content only

You can have password-protected content on your website. Only those on your email list can have access to it because you will only give the password through there. This gives your visitors a good incentive to join your email list and be part of the exclusive group that has access to special content that is not available to those not on the list.

  1. Design for function

Make sure that your website is organized with the reader in mind. Make it easy to navigate and make sure things are explained in the simplest way possible. Guide them to your best content and make sure your site has no annoying popups or banners or poorly made visuals that cast your website in a bad light. Carefully select the photos that you use on your website. Make sure the procedure to get people to sign up to your email list and exclusive content is simple. You do not need a thousand things for them to fill up before they become part of your list.

  1. Make your website Google Friendly

To boost your organic traffic, you need to ensure your website is Google in a friendly way. Make sure all your posts are search engine optimized. Use the proper keywords and use the proper labels and descriptions that will help Google index your site better. This will allow your site and content to rank higher in the search results. The truth is that most people rarely go past the 2nd page of search engine results. If you cannot rank your post to the first two pages of results in Google, you will need to optimize your website better for the bots of Google to index your content better. Recently, website loading speed has become a component as to ranking search engine results. So keep updated as to how Google’s algorithms are changing to ensure that you can keep up with their changes.

SEO bring more visitors to your website

  1. Make it mobile in a friendly way to bring more visitors to your website

Most people these days access content on the internet through their mobile phones. As such, it is imperative that you make your website mobile-friendly. Test it out and see on your phone as to how it looks like. If it is horrible, it is time to call your website manager to ensure that it looks good on mobile devices, including tablets.

mobile friendly will bring more visitors to your website

  1. Put a link to your website in all your social media profiles and email signatures

Make sure that your profiles in your social media accounts are well made and have a link to your website. If you post good content continuously on your social media accounts like Twitter, they will want to visit your website which of course, hopefully, will have great content.

Maximize your email signature as well because it is a way to brand yourself and people you connect with online through email will have an easy way to find your website to know more about you and your business.

  1. Create an affiliate program for your products and services

If you are already selling a product or service, it is a good idea to create an affiliate system. Not only you will boost your sales, but you will also get new visitors to your websites, and hopefully, they will sign up to your email list as well. Take time to learn the basics of affiliate marketing to bring more visitors to your website.

  1. Comment well on popular blogs in your niche

Popular blogs are frequently visited, and this means people are actively reading through the comments. If you pose an excellent comment there, people can be impressed, and usually, you can pose a link to relevant material from your site to your answers. Your name on the comment can also be a backlink to your website. So look for the popular and well-established blogs in your niche and comment on them regularly. Don’t forget to put related links back to your site as well as on your profile there as a commentator.

  1. Be a contributor to authority sites in your niche

This strategy goes beyond guest posting. Here, you become a regular contributor to the site. If you provide great content, you will build a readership and will send good traffic back to your site because they know your site will have lots of valuable content.

  1. Add your blog to Alltop

Alltop is a directory of various websites in different niches.  If your blog feed gets approved by their editors, it can lead to more visitors to your site as people are always on the lookout for great content.

  1. Accept guest posts to your site

Allowing other people to guest post on your site can give some good traffic especially if the one guest posting is someone credible and is savvy with online marketing. They will promote their guest post well and thus bring good traffic to your site. One thing you can do is put guidelines for your guest posts and actively invite people in your niche to contribute as a guest blogger. If you screen your guest bloggers well, they will provide valuable content that will bring you repeat traffic consistently.

  1. Do interlinking in your posts

Sometimes people are lazy to explore a site but if you interlink within your posts, there is less resistance, and they are likely to click on the related content in the post. Interlinking boosts your search engine optimization and is an excellent way to give visitors a pleasant reading experience.

  1. Tap Pinterest and create boards

Pinterest is a top authority site, and if you pin your content there religiously with the correct keywords, Pinterest can be a great source of traffic.

  1. Invest time writing in Quora

Quora is another good site to post great answers to questions people post. Focus on your niche and provide high-quality answers to their questions. Be regular with this contribution and watch your reputation grow and along with it, good traffic to your site.

  1. Use Facebook ads strategically to bring more visitors to your website

Facebook is dominating right now, and if you have some budget to spare, you can strategically promote your best content to get people hooked on your site and join your email list. Facebook’s ability to zero in on a particular segment of the market is unmatched. You have a good shot of zooming it at your ideal readers using Facebook ads. So take some time to learn it so that you can bring more visitors to your site.

  1. Get good with email marketing

Emails are great because they are a direct link to your readers and customers. So have a plan once you collect their emails. How will you bring value to them through email? Create an email marketing plan and watch engagement grow that will ultimately bring more visitors to your website. Also, emails can be forwarded quickly especially now that smartphones are now extensively used.

Final thoughts on Website Traffic

While regular quality content is important, promoting the content is just as important. You have to be actively promoting your posts so that more people can be exposed to it and hopefully become loyal readers and customers of your product or service.

It is also critical to be socially active online. Get to know people in various platforms and be as useful and generous as you can. Be generous with sharing content from other people and to be friendly and respectful in general to people. The better liked you are; the more people will be willing to promote your content for free.

What are your strategies to bring more visitors to your website? Share them in the comments below.

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