19 Strategies to dominate Email Marketing

19 Strategies to dominate Email Marketing

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Email marketing must be among the priorities of every business. It is a great way to develop a relationship with customers, and if you dominate email marketing, you can boost your sales tremendously with it. The strength of email marketing lies in the fact that you are permitted to email them. They gave you their email, and so you are allowed to send an email to them.

The email is something sacred. It is a direct line to the customer. It is almost the same as the cell phone number. So be ethical. Never buy email lists from others or sell yours to others.

Treat an email address, not as an email address but a relationship for you to nurture.

However, of course, this permission must be treated with respect. You cannot spam or give useless emails to them. They will instantly unsubscribe from your list. With one click, your email could be blacklisted as spam.

This playbook provides you with the strategies and resources necessary to dominate email marketing.

Know the pain point of your email subscribers

Your main task at the beginning of getting their email address is to understand their pain point. The pain point refers to the struggles of your customers. What are the things they are struggling with? The idea is that once you are armed with this information, you craft posts and make products that provide solutions to them. That is the main way your email marketing can be valuable to them: by being solution oriented.

If your target customers are entrepreneurs, your survey question in the first email could be: “What’s your biggest challenge in your business right now?”

The idea is to do lots of research. Know your prospects better than they know themselves. That’s the key to dominate email marketing.

The golden rule to dominate email marketing is to provide value

Always remember to attach value to each email. Your reader must be better off for opening your email.

Limit your selling in your email. Use it as a relationship building tool.

You can use it to bring them to your website or landing pages. Only then should you pitch your product or service.

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes and write your emails in that point of view.

Have a strong why for each call to action

When you provide a call to action in your emails, e.g. Like your Facebook Page, or Follow you on Twitter or Instagram, give them a reason. What benefits will they get out of it?

If you are asking to do a survey, what is the rationale behind the survey? How will the results benefit them?

Build your authority by dominating email marketing

Your emails should be educational. By educating others, you become an authority.

So plan out your email content just as you would plan out your blog content.

Make them feel smarter after each one they read.

Figure out the key learning points you will provide. The best part of these kinds of emails is that you get to learn also because you will be reading and studying the materials that you will use to create the email content.

If you are selling products, make sure you teach your readers the value of your product. Don’t bombard them with one sales type of email. Do soft sell by educating them slowly on how your product or service can alleviate one or two of their pain points.

Another way to show your authority is to demonstrate overwhelming proof that your products can solve your readers’ problems. Include things like testimonials, case studies, and personal stories to do this.

Learn how to do storytelling

One of the essential skills you must develop if you want to dominate email marketing is storytelling.

Everyone loves stories so try to infuse some storytelling in your emails. Give some context for what you are trying to share with them. You can use personal anecdotes to help your readers connect with you more.

If you have a series of emails planned, have each one leave your readers on a cliffhanger. In this way, they will anticipate and look forward to the next email. So tease them, and keep them hanging.

Always remember that people remember stories over facts. Stories are persuasive and are the key to dominate email marketing.

You can use what’s currently trending on movies, songs and current events to use as context or storytelling background to lay out your email’s message.

Seek to be educational and entertaining at the same time.

Always remember that no one cares about you, they are only about themselves. So educate and entertain your readers. It will pay off massive dividends in the future as you nurture the relationships with them.

Create excellent lead magnets to build and dominate email marketing

Create or outsource the creation of useful lead magnets like ebooks, reports, free webinar, tutorial, etc to get people to sign up to your list. Make it so useful that it gives the impression that your email content or paid products or services will provide even more value than your already useful freebie.

Boot out those that don’t read your emails

Keep your email list lean and mean. This means only your engaged subscribers should be on the list. Your email autoresponder will have statistics as to who are those that don’t care at all about your emails.

Always give them an easy way to unsubscribe. This is better than getting marked as spam as you will be penalized by email providers.

Only let those who are engaging with your emails be the one to stay on your list.

It is not a quantity game but a quality game. A small but highly engaged email list is an excellent list that will help you be profitable in the long run.

Do presell before your sell them an actual offer

For example, say you are selling a conference. Your first few emails would be sharing the remarkable biographies to the speakers, providing clips from last year’s conference. The idea is that you are building anticipation before your latter emails bring them to the shopping cart.

Alternatively, if you are selling a webinar, your initial emails can be case studies, testimonials, and social proofs. Educate your readers as to what they will learn in the webinar. You first need to establish the reason why they should show up in the webinar. Once they have signed up for your webinar, that is the time you do your thing to convert them into actual sales.

When you need to promote, make your email only use the early sentences to briefly promote something. Let the rest of the promotional content be on your website. By doing this, you are giving a choice to your readers whether they want to read the entirety of your sales pitch instead of forcing them.

No one likes getting forced so always give them options. Guide them into making the right choice. Let your words seduce them to read your entire sales proposition. The email should be a teaser or an option for your readers.

The rest of the content should be valuable and useful whether or not they bought something from you or not.

Don’t be needy

One thing you must avoid in your emails is that you are needy. Put the power in your hands. This means that you must let your readers know that what you have to offer is more important to them than it is for you to have them to buy it from you. This puts you in a control mindset instead of you being at their mercy.

Train them to do things for you. Engage them. Ask for comments. Tell them to join your Facebook group. Ask for feedback and testimonials.

Engagement is the key to dominate email marketing.

Develop a common mindset for your tribe

Consider your email list as your tribe. Your task as tribe captain is to unite them to a common vision, a common mindset, a common goal. Focus on that and lead the way. Help your tribe keep together. Lead them to the promised land. Create new words or mottos just for your tribe. This will help bond them together and feel they are part of a unique group and you are the undisputed leader.

Be yourself. Let your personality shine as you lead your tribe through your emails. Converse with them and engage them. Challenge them. Create a brand that stems from the real you.

With your unique voice, you will find people in which your message resonates with them. Be the familiar, friendly, inviting and consistent voice your tribe seeks.

To dominate email marketing, invest time in crafting your headlines

Just like in blog posts or making newspaper articles, your title has to be catchy. It should propel people to read your email. The legendary copywriter David Ogilvy said, “Five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.”

Your headlines are the first impressions that your reader will have on you. So impress them with your headline and wow them with your valuable email content.

Look for stories within your email content to use as inspiration for your brilliant headline. Look for controversy, emotions and little nuggets of stories just waiting to be unleashed into the world.

Seduce and make them curious about your email.

Don’t forget to put keywords in your email subject line.  These are words that people might search in Google when they are looking for information.

Craft your email content the way you would craft a blog post

Many people scan when they go through a piece of content. So make sure your email content is organized well.

You should use subheadings and bullet points to organize your points.

Always write with the reader in mind. So when you describe situations or explain things put it in the context of your reader.

Be friendly, conversational yet professional. Try to read out loud your email and check if your post is too sales oriented and spammy. Does it sound like a commercial? If it does, then it is unlikely your email might not get the traction you desire.

Don’t overwhelm your reader with information. Keep your email short, concise and valuable. Have just one call to action instead of multiple calls to actions.

Always proofread. Typos look horrible and make you look unprofessional and spammy and this will prevent you to dominate email marketing.

Kinds of emails that you can send out

Send out a variety of emails so that it will not get too repetitive for your readers. Here are examples of the types of emails that you can send out regularly

  • Expertise emails: Here you share your knowledge and insights on topics that your readers care about. Share your expertise and real-world experience as well as answer questions that your readers send to you.
  • Facts and testimonials emails: These are emails that give you social proof that your products and services work for others and therefore will work on those who have not bought your products or services. Social proof is a strong way to convince others to try your product or service.
  • Guidance and Directions: These emails give walkthroughs or examples on how to use your product or service. These tutorials will enlighten your readers on how easy it is to use your products. This boost in confidence might compel them to purchase your product if it wows them.
  • Discounts and Coupons: These promotional emails target those who are price sensitive and love bargains
  • Exclusivity and VIP status: This one helps keep people on your email list because they get exclusive content and privileges for staying engaged in your list.
  • Contests and giveaways: These emails get people excited and creates a buzz that can become viral if properly disseminated online
  • Acknowledgment emails: These are emails that thank your readers and greeting them on special occasions.

Focus on relationships, not campaigns

Yes, it is important to make sales. However, do not let that blind you from your priority which is to nurture relationships so that you can dominate email marketing.

Your readers will immediately know whether you are just doing things for the money or if you are there for them.

The purpose of a campaign is to convince people to buy or do something. If enough people do what you want, the cost of the campaign is paid, and you get a return on that investment.

On the other hand, the purpose of a relationship is to maximize lifetime value. This means you want to nurture strong relationships, relationships that will last for life. You become like a strong knit community.

Email engagement checklist

engagement checklist


According to Chris Baggott, author of Email Marketing by the numbers, these are questions that you should ask yourself before blasting away your email:

  • Is this the appropriate audience?
    • If the content you will send will go to the wrong audience, then it is just a waste of time for both parties.
    • This question also highlights the segmentation that you should do with your audience. Each segment has their
    • Make sure you know the characteristics of each segment
  • Is my message targeted, personalized and relevant?
    • If you know your segment well, you can craft an email that is relevant to them and will resonate with them
    • They will feel as if you have been their long-lost brother
  • Does my message communicate a clear incentive or benefit?
    • Your task as a marketer is to ensure they take action with that you want them to do.
    • Make their time worth it. They should in a few seconds know how taking action on your email will give them benefit or some incentives.

Continuation of Checklist

  • Does my message make the reader want to take action now?
    • Give some sense of urgency with your call to action.
    • Deadlines work. Tell then when the deadline is. Get straight to the point.
    • Tell them why it is critical to meet the deadline.
  • Is my message the appropriate length?
    • Test it out. Which one works better? Is it short, concise emails or the long form types? Find out which resonates more with your readers.
    • At the beginning of your email, your overall message should already be established.
  • Is my subject line powerful?
    • As mentioned earlier, headlines matter. If it is boring, no one will read your email.
    • The subject line should read like a billboard, clearly shouting the benefits of reading the email for the reader.
    • Keep testing with different subject lines and see which one works for your audience.
  • Will my message even reach my audience?
    • Sometimes your email might wind up in the junk or spam filter of your readers. Make sure that the onset, tell your subscribers to add you to their email address book.
    • This will ensure that your email has a chance to be read.

Be mobile friendly to dominate email marketing

With more people using their cell phones to do practically almost everything, your email must look nice and well-designed on cell phones.

So check first, send an email to yourself and see if it looks good on your mobile phone screen.

dominate email marketing

Bad design can turn off people, and you will miss a chance of engaging someone to your brand.

Have consistent branding in your emails

Just as how you brand yourself on your website and blog, it is the same with the emails. Use the same colors, logo, etc. to remain familiar and continue strengthening your brand.

Your signature should be the same as well as the font.

The rationale behind this is that you want your readers to recognize you easily and for your brand to stick in their minds well.

If you have different branding messages across the different platforms, it will confuse the reader instead. So be familiar with them by using the same branding across the different platforms.

Strategies to build your email list:

Here are some tips by Eric Groves, Senior VP, Global Market Development of Constant Contact that will boost your email list quantity:

dominate email marketing

  • Start with your website. Always make it easy for people to sign up on your email list through your site. It can be done through your sidebar or a popup that comes up strategically after a visitor has stayed on your site for a certain number of seconds or minutes.
  • You can also call them to join your email list at the end of every blog post.
  • Sometimes this can be done by enticing them with a valuable freebie and then sending them to a landing page to have them subscribe to your email list.
  • Tap your social media platforms. Put your email newsletter signup link in your profile.
  • Sometimes, post on social media to call your followers to sign up to your email list. Make it fun, friendly and enticing for them to sign up.
  • Take note of the best times to do these social media posts. You can track the insights section of each of these platforms to do that.
  • Emails can be forwarded to other people. So it is good to put a link down in each email you send out where people can subscribe to your email list.
  • Ask your current email readers to share them with people they think will benefit from your emails. Make them your ambassadors.
  • Networking events can be a time to exchange business cards and the like. Before you end a good conversation with someone, ask them explicitly if you can add their email to your email list. Tell them personally the benefits that they will get for doing so.

Ideas on giving valuable content

To dominate email marketing, you need to give your readers valuable content. However, how do you do that so you can dominate email marketing?

It is really all about understanding them.

Know their struggles. Know their likes. Learn what they want solutions for. What do they ask?

According to Constant Contact, here are some questions that you and your content team can use to craft valuable content for your readers:

  • What are the top five questions that your customers ask?
  • What articles have you read recently that your customers might find interesting?
  • Can you identify problems that your customers will encounter this year?
  • What can you do to solve these problems for them?

What information do your customers need to make better decisions about your product or services?

Try these strategies out and start dominating email marketing!

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